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Banlaw Systems and Brigade Electronics announce Smarteye

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Banlaw Systems and Brigade Electronics are delighted to announce Smarteye powered by ASL360, a sophisticated camera system that provides the driver with a bird's-eye view of the vehicle for effortless manoeuvring.



Four ultra-wide angle cameras with 187° lenses eliminate vehicle blind spots to provide a 360° view in a single image. Intelligent software flattens the raw fisheye images and bespoke blending techniques stitch them together to provide a seamless view on the monitor. The stitch lines can be positioned to suit your vehicle, providing the best visibility for critical blind spots at all heights. The software also balances the lighting across all views for an even, real-time image.

Unlike other systems,  SmarteyeT is highly accurate in setup, automatically preventing calibration on uneven ground thereby helping avoid accidental blind spots and making safety paramount from the beginning. The self-monitoring system automatically switches off a camera in the event of a malfunction, guaranteeing there are no frozen frames and encouraging the operator to seek further diagnostics

David Sandilands Banlaw Systems Managing Director said: "This revolutionary process takes camera monitor systems to the next level in the advancement of vehicle safety, providing ultimate visibility and reducing driver overload by presenting the driver's landscape on one monitor. Operators can even choose vehicle type and livery so they see the actual vehicle footprint on the monitor, making the image recognisable to the driver. With SmartEye, Brigade supply cutting edge technology, while Banlaw Systems bring it alive with approved and professional installation and support "

Banlaw Systems are a longstanding Brigade Electronics stockist and Business Service Partner