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Fast & safe refuelling

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Banlaw's proven fast-fill technology creates a fully dry-break connection between the tank and fuel nozzle. This means there is zero chance of fuel spillage and minimises the occupational risk for the operator and the company.



Tough, durable components ensure that your investment is safe in our hands. Full system installation and maintenance packages are available utilising our team of experienced service engineers and representatives.

  • Safety conscious design - ground level filling access to minimise the risk of slips, trips and falls from height. Fill points can be remotely located on the vehicle ensuring eye contact between the driver and operator is established and maintained at all times during the process.
  • Eliminate spillage and theft - Dry-break characteristics dictates that the fuel flow stops when the nozzle/receiver connection is broken. No connection - no flow!
  • Automatic shut-off - fuel flow automatically ceases when the tank is full. Eliminating the risk of over-filling ensuring operators know when the tank is full and do not continue pumping unnecessarily. Drastically reducing the risk of spillage and contamination of your site, your workers, and depleting your expensive resources.
  • Higher flow rates (up to 800 L/min) - drastically reducing your operator and vehicle downtimes, rewarding you with greater operational productivity and efficiency.
  • Zero pressure systems available - further enhance your OH&S performance. Extend the lifetime of your fuel tanks through a reduction in stressing over the lifetime of the tank. Electronic and hydraulic systems available to suit your application.

We also supply a useful range of accessories, including:

  • tank vents & breathers
  • filtered vents
  • nozzle fill adaptors and forecourt type nozzles
  • hose swivels
  • dust caps
  • break-away valves