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Banlaw's proven fast-fill technology creates a fully dry-break connection between the tank and fuel nozzle. This means there is zero chance of fuel spillage and minimises the occupational risk for the operator and the company.

David Coyne

Fuel Management Systems

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Be in control and save money with Banlaw FuelTrack. Being able to secure and track fuel and fluid use is vitally important, particularly with high fuel prices. Banlaw FuelTrack puts you back in control with precise monitoring, reconciliation and centralised reporting of any machine or vehicles' fuel or liquid use.

Specifically designed and developed for use in mining and quarrying environments, the Banlaw FuelTrack Fuel Management system sets the standards in fuel monitoring and control. The uniquely developed software package provides you with a turnkey solution to all your refuelling issues. Call us for a consultation on how FuelTrack can transform your day-to-day operations.

  • PC based intuitive and user-friendly interface delivering comprehensive fuel reports
  • Automatic or manual vehicle ID (smart keys)
  • The ability to manage up to 1000 vehicles
  • Ensure correct fuel types are distributed to the appropriate vehicles
  • Transactions can be logged by vehicle only, or vehicle and operator
  • Incorporated fast-fill dry-break technology, eliminating spills, theft and accidental loss of fuel
  • Engine hours can be entered - automatically or manually
  • Temporary PIN numbers can be provided to contractors which automatically time-out after a pre-set time
  • Depots can have water detection and/or overfill protection
  • IP67 rated fuel depot enclosures

Many, many more us to discover the true benefits of installing FuelTrack