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Lube central couplings

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Designed to minimise grease and oil service times, Banlaw's range of dry-break connectors make the transfer of coolants and lubricants a safe, clean, and dynamic operation.

As with Banlaw's Refuelling technology, the completely sealed connections between the issue point and the machine mean that the risk of contamination is significantly reduced. Similarly the system ensures zero spillage in the transfer process, helping to eliminate environmental contamination and potential OH&S issues.

Depending on your particular needs Banlaw has an oil transfer system to suit.

  • Quicker machine service turnarounds - simultaneous extraction/fill of fluids is possible from one convenient location on the machine. Each coupling is designed to provide a fast, smooth flow of fluid.

  • Improved health and safety performance - ground level extraction/fill of fluids eliminates the need to climb over vehicles whilst carrying heavy containers of fluids. 

  • Safer, cleaner working environment - the dry-break characteristics of the connectors mean that the risk of spillages, potential injuries, and subsequent clean-ups are hugely reduced.

  • Cross-contamination risk reduction - different connectors for each fluid minimise the risk of cross-contamination and the incorrect filling of machines.