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Mobile Digital Recording

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Capture and record footage from cameras positioned around the vehicle to help protect your drivers and provide a valuable witness solution

Combine the benefits of a camera monitor system for your driver with the ability to record and even live-view your vehicles daily movements. Taking advantage of Wi-Fi and 3G technology you can access recorded footage without having to visit the vehicle. Multi-channel recorders allow multiple cameras to record simultaneously.

The benefits of installing a Mobile Digital Recording system include:

  • Prevent false insurance claims such as 'crash for cash' scams.
  • Protection for drivers who may be wrongly accused.
  • Provides irrefutable evidence in the case of accidents and legal proceedings.
  • Useful in reducing shrinkage and catching perpetrators.
  • Encourages driver best practice, so less vehicle damage and accidents.
  • Enables more effective driver training.
  • Vandalism deterrent.
  • All the above helps to lower insurance premiums.
  • Peace of mind for passengers and drivers.