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Reversing Aids

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Audible alarms ensure that inattentive pedestrians are made aware of potential hazards in their vicinity. Educating and training your drivers in awareness is only half the battle. To be entirely sure that you're doing all that's reasonable to be safe, you need some form of audible reversing alarm. It is, after all, your responsibility as a driver and operator!



Banlaw is an approved stockist of Brigade Electronics alarms, sensors, and radar systems, the recognised UK market leader in this technology. Easy to fit, you'd be surprised how many different variations of the alarm have been developed in recent years to suit specific needs.


Some of the features available in the range of BACKALARMs

  • Self adjusting BACKALARM which automatically adjusts its volume in response to background noise
  • Fixed volume bleepers
  • BACKCHAT speaking alarms that verbally state a vehicle is reversing - bespoke messages available
  • NIGHSHIFT reduced volume BACKALARMS
  • BACKALERT combined bleeper and lig
  • Endorsed by the Noise Abatement Society
  • Distinctive "shhh..shhh" sound dissipates over a lesser distance than traditional "bleepers" - have a listen for yourself.
  • Localized sound concentrated to within the immediate danger zone behind the vehicle
  • Directional properties of broadband sound means the position of the impending danger is immediately identifiable to the human ear - single channel "bleepers" produce sound which can tend to bounce off surfaces, momentarily confusing the human ear as to the source of the hazard.
  • Various decibel ratings available for particular site needs