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Wide angled mirrors

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With the HSE demanding that visibility assessments are carried out on vehicles before they are set to work, wide-angled convex mirrors are a highly effective way to eliminate drivers blind spots. Purposely designed for use on fork-lifts, LGV's, HGV's, and plant, these mirrors really can stand up to the rigours of use in a harsh workplace environment.

  • Shatter proof - made from high quality acrylic
  • Wide field of vision:the convex design gives the driver the confidence to manoeuvre safely
  • Different shapes, sizes, and materials developed with specific applications in mind
  • Many fitting options available to guarantee there's a perfect solution for your vehicle.

Call us to discuss the most appropriate mirror solution for your vehicle. Our experience in the plant and haulage industries means we can advise you on the perfect answer to your vehicle visibility problems!

mirror1.jpg mirror2.jpg

Also available within the mirror range:

  • Workplace mirrors - for use in and around depots to provide extra visibility to staff and vehicle operators alike.
  • Traffic mirrors - designed to increase visibility around bends and at junctions.
  • Vandal resistant versions of the workplace and traffic mirrors are also available to help you combat the menace of deliberate damage to your property.

All mirrors benefit from a wide range of fitting options and sizes to safeguard your drivers against poor visibility.